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"ROAR TV" - Your online interactive show!

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The Civil War With No Ending

Purchase "The Civil War With No Ending" - Enter APRILMAIL305 for upto $4.99 off-Limited Time Offer! 

This book proves we have been - and still are - under martial law, and offers a solution.

demoWe are also putting together 4 committees to complete the solution. Hear about the solution and the committees at and listen to the recording dated 9/20/2010 (after you read the book). If you are interested, please send an email to Treaty AT WeRoar Dot ws.

Recent Events:

Weekly Radio Shows

In conjunction with Against Government Corruption, you can catch our weekly show at every Tues @ 12:00PM est.

demoWe do our best to obtain the best minds - known as 'co-hosts' - to assist with your education and in taking positive action. All shows are recorded and can be downloaded for your convenience.

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We ROAR! Education

  • The Constitution for the United States, Declaration of Independence, and other important documents/writings.
  • What our American republics are and why you do not want any other form of government.
  • The duties of Assemblies and Grand Juries, and each Americans' obligations.

We ROAR! Technologies

This website is a work in progress. Our aim to provide training via webcasts and call-ins, which will be recorded and organized appropriately.

We will begin with the basics to obtain a solid foundation of which to build upon. If you cannot find something, is is because we haven't gotten to that level, yet.

We ROAR! Action Plan

Understand that We the People do not receive our Rights from a Constitution, Bill of Rights, or any other document: It is those who are acting as a part of the government that must abide by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. We the People granted explicit privileges/powers that cannot be expanded or usurped upon! We the People can and will remind them of their Oaths and hold them accountable.

Inform fellow Americans of the Truth: Downloadable / printable material will be shared freely and given to friends, family, co-workers, employers, employees, etc..

Gather together peacefully and hold them accountable to their actions or lack thereof: To often, We the People are ignored by our Public Servants. We will be peacefully boisterous and with our voices, continually reminding them of their duties, and taking action when they break their Oath by utilizing Assemblies and Grand Juries. When applicable, We the People will charge them with appropriate crimes.

Publicly Report Government Corruption: Become a member (it's free) at and Publicly name those who are operating outside of their Constitutional privileges/powers at AGC,TrueFreePress and many other sources, such as local newspapers, TV stations, etc.

Commit to Continuing Our Own Education: Become a dedicated life-long student, and assist others in their education. Each of us can't possibly know it all, therefore, working together and providing accurate and verifiable information to each other is critical in everyone's success.  

We ROAR! Store Coming Soon!

T-shirts, hats, mugs, notebooks, etc. will bare the 'We ROAR!' logo and sold for 35% above cost. This is to help 'spread the word.'

Also, the Constitution will be placed upside down on shirts/sweaters for a quick reminder of their privileges/duties.
Great for traffic stops!


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World Event - Reservation Of All Rights!


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